• Keep Striving For Work-Life Harmony

    Recently, I had what has become a rare, yet cherished, opportunity of taking one of my daughters to school. As I wished her well, it hit me that she has had to move across the United States twice in the past two and half years. Having to uproot, adapt to a new environment and make new friends is not

  • Reoptimizing the Force for Great Power Competition

    In early September, Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall charged the Department of the Air Force with reoptimizing the force for Great Power Competition. For those who are new to the term, Great Power Competition, or GPC, describes the strategic environment that focuses on the People’s Republic

  • Equal opportunity 160 years later: Still a pillar in our society

    While President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address only lasted two minutes, the impact of his words lives on. November 19th marked both the 160th anniversary of that iconic speech and the 67th year since President Eisenhower, in collaboration with the National Urban League, connected those famous remarks

  • The Power of Connection and Belonging

    September is Suicide Prevention Month and is a perfect opportunity to focus on the Power of Connection. Suicide has a devastating impact on the family as well as co-workers, friends, and our entire community. Loneliness and isolation are powerful threats to our well-being.

  • Who Do You Trust: Social Media, Artificial Intelligence and Insider Threat

    Reliable security requires trust is verified, especially in communication with others. Obstacles to getting and keeping trust come from the growing technology, tactics and techniques available to our enemies. Significant social media concerns are quickly being overshadowed by the fast spread of


    In our service, we often stand on the shoulders of giants and continue the great works of those before us. The opportunity to serve as the Air Force Reserve’s top enlisted leader is no different. I am grateful to serve as your command chief and follow in the footsteps of an outstanding trailblazer


    When I was asked about providing leadership commentary I spent quite a bit of time trying to find the right topic. I’ve been influenced and mentored by so many great people in my career that it is difficult to distill those lessons down to a single commentary…other than Take Care of Your Airmen.


    As I look back on the past year, we have seen some crises begin to wane. Operation Allies Refuge and Operation Allies Welcome safely resettled more than 70,000 Afghans into the United States. The effectiveness of our pandemic response has enabled nearly all of our bases to return to Health