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  • The Beauty of Conflict

    ImageryImagine the process of glass making.  There are separate materials with their own boundaries, makeup and place in the world going into an open furnace to break down the elements, meld them together, and create something new and glorious. There are other natural friction points that create new

  • A logistics officer’s take on the Profession of Arms

    The Normandy Invasion of World War II to liberate Europe resulted in inevitable deaths for thousands of military members. By the time Allied forces liberated Paris, more than 200,000 coalition forces would be dead, wounded or missing. It is not controversial to believe that there are a few reasons

  • Healthy Relationships Improve Social Fitness and Readiness

    Building healthy relationships strengthens your social fitness. There is not a “one size fits all” when it comes to defining a healthy relationship. Your perspective, values and deal breakers change as you age. A relationship that made you happy in your 20s may not look anything like what you want

  • The importance of progression

    Motocross legend Carey Hart was the first person to ever attempt a backflip on a 250 cubic centimeter motorcycle during a freestyle competition at the summer Gravity Games in Providence, Rhode Island. His execution wasn't perfect, and he didn’t completely land the trick, but he had forever changed

  • National Fruit and Vegetable Month

    Often times when the month of September rolls around, people begin to think about the beginning of school, the beginning of fall, pumpkin lattes, apple orchards and corn mazes. Additionally, September represents National Fruit and Vegetable month. It is commonly known that we should try to fill half

  • Stratification and what it means for you

    EPRs are an integral part of force development which assists personnel managers in identifying the best qualified enlisted personnel.  For SNCOs, a strong emphasis is placed on EPRs in determining nominative job positions, Stripes for exceptional Performers II (STEP II) promotions, career

  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month

    October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and to commemorate we would like to shine a spotlight on the service animals who aid almost a quarter million people in the US every year.

  • Are You Ready?

    Life is made up of crisis points. The decisions we make in those moments define us but we only get the chance to make those decisions if we prepare...How is your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health? Are you ready?

  • Safety Spotlight

    Managing personal physical fitness is very important for a healthy life, especially for members of the military. They must maintain an ongoing state of readiness and have availability for worldwide deployment. For this reason, taking a few minutes to consider safety during physical fitness training