Expanding our mission frontier

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Terry L. Bullard
  • OSI Commander

The men and women of the Department of the Air Force consistently represent the nation’s very best in problem solving, innovation, and planning for the future fight. It comes as no surprise that we continue to lead the way with the establishment of the United States Space Force (USSF). In keeping with our pursuit of building the OSI We Need over the past year, the command continues to embrace this innovation in all we do.   

Last year, I had the tremendous opportunity to visit Cape Canaveral, Florida, witnessing the successful launch – and return – of a Space X rocket. This achievement was a reminder that our military and industry professionals are working hand-in-hand to take our space capabilities to the pinnacle of engineering achievement. I was so proud and humbled that OSI is a key member of this effort as we protect these vital military-industry partnerships. 

As the servicing investigative and counterintelligence agency for the entire Department of the Air Force, we are charged to safeguard technological advantages from our adversaries. As we work with our partners domestically and abroad, we will continue to protect our research and acquisitions processes and our warfighting edge.

In building the OSI We Need, we are also closely examining our role in potential future conflict with near-peer adversaries. In lockstep with the Joint Force, supported Service Components, and the Department of the Air Force, we are shaping OSI’s support to the warfighter, posturing globally across multiple domains to beat our enemies to the strategic advantage. In recognition of how integration is vital to this fight, we have redoubled our efforts to engage, cooperate, and operate with key allies and partners across the world. 

Even as we prepare for the future fight, it is my intent to enable our teams to maintain our core mission and focus on those matters that OSI is best equipped to tackle - high-level, complex, and emerging criminal and fraud threats. We will remain the primary contributors in the fight to stop wrongdoing within the Department and guarantee accountability in sophisticated economic crime, violent crime, illegal use and distribution of controlled substances, and insider threats seeking to damage our force.       

To better enable our personnel to tackle these challenges, we are developing new case management and investigative assistance systems, complete with the data analytics capabilities necessary to modernize our operations. And, to ensure we remain a dynamic and flexible force across all domains, we are implementing a new Cyber Strategy to drive our focus and operations for years to come, guaranteeing our utilization of and our presence in the ever-expanding frontiers of science and technology.

As evidenced by our robust efforts, our command is in the midst of significant organizational change. This comes at a time when our nation is struggling with societal turmoil and in the midst of a pandemic. As the country works to navigate issues of equality, OSI remains committed to ensuring our agency is worthy of the respect of the American people. As we confront challenges within our mission set, we do not do so to the exclusion of the existing challenges faced by the entire nation. This year’s events have highlighted the urgent need for open, active dialogue on diversity and inclusion. The senior leadership of OSI will work hard to earn and maintain trust, and to do right by the command’s proud legacy.    

Our future is bright, and I am proud to see us moving ever closer to the OSI We Need!