• Department of Defense Launches New Cyber Awareness Campaign

    The first email in history was sent in 1971, by a computer engineer named Ray Tomlinson. Later that same year the first computer virus, a simple worm-type program named Creeper, was written and released by Bob Thomas. For the few months in between, none of the very few people who had access to email

  • Readiness…Left of the phone call

    I was a first lieutenant at the time, a KC-10 aircraft commander and an Air Reserve Technician.  I was on my way to work on what was an absolutely gorgeous morning.  I had the sunroof open and rock music blaring (sadly songs only found on classic rock stations now), and I had not a care in the

  • A Culture of Modernization is a mindset, not a buzz phrase

    While our Air Force’s weapon systems and the way we fight have evolved through the years, our adversaries have continued to find ways to match our capabilities. The challenge of navigating government bureaucracy – with decades of institutional inertia – threatens our ability to innovate and

  • Effort

    Continuous effort drives motivation, accomplishment and excellence. Looking back on my Air Force career, the effort that I put into my work has in return widened my knowledge base, created opportunities, expanded my network and has allowed me to have a positive impact on those around me. Effort is a

  • Money makes the world go ‘round

    From the time of the Continental Army, the importance of a financial manager in the payment of entitlements has been widely known. On June 16, 1775, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Continental Congress established the first Pay Master General, James Warren. Today, most members primarily correlate

  • Ascendancy: The Space Warfighter Mindset

    We are in a dogfight. Our superiority in space is at an inflection point, and although the character of conflict is changing, the nature of war is enduring – it is a human endeavor, a clash of opposing wills, won first in the heart and mind.


    On September 11, 2021, we will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our nation. Across the world, people will pause and reflect on where they were when they heard the news, or watched events unfold in real time.

  • Weight loss success with smart and sustainable changes

    Two main factors affect weight loss – energy in and energy out. As the Health Promotion dietitian, I will focus on discussing the energy in component. I will speak in general terms here, but nutrition therapy is tailored to each person’s needs and goals. For any Airman or individual interested in

  • Preparing for the PT test

    After a COVID hiatus, the PT test is back. So, what are some strategies you can do to get yourself good to go for the test? The most important thing to work on is body fat. The abdominal circumference (AC) component is gone, but excess fat affects every test component. For example, 99.7% of Airmen

  • Motorcycle riders, safety on the road

    Riding on the roads with a motorcycle can be dangerous, especially when gravel and potholes are fond on the way. Around every corner a hazard can present itself without warning.