DAF transitions deployment actions from legacy system to AFFORGEN Connect

  • Published
  • By Toni Whaley
  • Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs

The Department of the Air Force recently transitioned its military deployment actions from AEF Online to a more modern platform that supports high-end readiness.

The Air Force Force Generation (AFFORGEN) Connect application went live Sept. 30 on the TMIS ServiceNow platform. Accessible via the Air Force Portal, AFFORGEN Connect provides a single access point for all unclassified Air and Space Force readiness and deployment preparation and execution information.

Previously known as AEF Online, AFFORGEN Connect has the same functionality of the legacy system but housed on a different platform giving Airmen and Guardians more capabilities and accessibility.

 "The AFFORGEN team is extremely proud of everyone's effort to field this program and look forward to serving the readiness community," said Gregory J-Douglas, AFFORGEN Connect CCTK application manager.

Members can complete pre-deployment actions associated with the new Ready Airman Training program, to include updating their readiness checklist and uploading supporting documents to their mobility folders.

AFFORGEN Connect allows for real-time updates of Ready Training Area associated training events which will be spread throughout the 18-month Reset, Prepare and Ready phases of the AFFORGEN cycle.

Airmen and Guardians can also register for an event, check their readiness dashboard, as well as access:

  • AF Reporting Instruction Tool (AFRIT)
  • Electronic Deployment Readiness Checklist (e-DRC)
  • Personal Deployment Preparedness Tool (PDPT)
  • Geographic Locations (GEOLOC)
  • Electronic AF Deployment Folder (e-AFDF)
  • Knowledge Articles

Commanders and their designated delegates can now manage, monitor, report and assess their readiness on the single site using the Commander's Toolkit (CCTK), e-AFDF, and e-DRC.

"Your new site is incredible, flexible, and FAST," said an Air Mobility Command Functional Area Manager. "What an accomplishment!"

Training micro-videos are available on the AFFORGEN Connect application under the Force Generation Training & Guidance knowledge base; click Categories then select Guides.

 Airmen and Guardians can access the application by clicking the AFFORGEN Connect link <https://a1-ims.okta.com/> . To get the latest information on AFFORGEN, members are encouraged to join the A1 Delivers! Team AFFORGEN Connect channel

Major commands are responsible for tracking and reporting readiness annually through myLearning <https://www.my.af.mil/gcss-af/USAF/content/mylearning> .