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  • Dragons Must Eat: China’s Food Insecurity and Strategic Vulnerability

    Although definitions of vary, most formulations of the term focus on the ability to reliably satisfy a population basic nutrition requirements despite friction and adverse circumstances with domestic production or imports. Historically, food security has been a critical Chinese strategic goal, and

  • Building Resiliency: A New US Approach to East Asia

    The concept of societal resilience must underpin US strategy toward East Asia, as strengthening allies' and partners' societies provides the best method for constraining China's aggressive activities. The current US focus on Chinese capabilities has resulted in a misguided approach to the region.

  • Openness in the Far East: A Liberal and Openness Approach to China’s Rise

    First, this article discusses openness and selective US interests in an openness strategy. Second, recognizing that power comes from many sources, this article discusses leveraging the diplomatic, information, economic, then military (DIME) instruments of power to address China's rise and achieve

  • The Afghan Conundrum: Taliban’s Takeover and the Way Forward

    With the declaration of the establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, regional countries are debating their way forward to either recognizing the Taliban-led government or not. For the United States, the situation is rather challenging, as aside from the tough questions over the