• The importance of progression

    Motocross legend Carey Hart was the first person to ever attempt a backflip on a 250 cubic centimeter motorcycle during a freestyle competition at the summer Gravity Games in Providence, Rhode Island. His execution wasn't perfect, and he didn’t completely land the trick, but he had forever changed

  • Stratification and what it means for you

    EPRs are an integral part of force development which assists personnel managers in identifying the best qualified enlisted personnel.  For SNCOs, a strong emphasis is placed on EPRs in determining nominative job positions, Stripes for exceptional Performers II (STEP II) promotions, career

  • Innovating into the Wild Blue Yonder

    Every Airman, across every career field, is responsible for driving airpower. The time is now for Airmen to accelerate change and innovate within their work centers.

  • CSAF Innovation Letter to Airmen

    Airmen, Since the dawn of airpower, Airmen and innovation instinctively aligned to create the world's dominant Air Force. However, diminishing competitive advantage threatens our national security. This is why I wrote Accelerate Change or Lose. Just as the very first Airmen supporting the trench

  • 245 years of declared independence

    I am struck by how similar the struggles 245 years ago are not so different than the struggles we are facing in the twenty-first century.

  • A short history of integration in the US armed forces

    The 514th Air Mobility Wing Historians Office, Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J., presents a paper on the integration of the U.S. armed services. This discussion investigates the numerous examples of Black military service, with Black Americans fighting in every United States conflict from the

  • Embrace Change ... or Be Left Behind

    In this edition, the boss and I decided to touch on a very complex topic: change. Either you love it, hate it or just try to roll with it. It is a billion dollar industry with books, articles and podcasts all hoping to educate and coach us on how to cope, handle or even lead change. One thing is

  • Be your best

    What does being your best mean to you? Can you work on improving yourself? Is there a version of you which you have yet to discover?Always try to think big! Assess your patterns of thinking. Think about the ways great leaders think. The thoughts in your mind go far in defining what you do and how

  • The literal cost of leadership

    Many years ago, a mentor of mine relayed a story about one of the founding fathers of the U.S. Air Force, retired Gen. Benjamin Foulois. He explained that Foulois was assigned to the Signal Corps in the early 1900s and was part of the initial cadre to fly dirigibles for the U.S. Army. In parallel,