ONE GUARDIAN: Providing A Cyber Capability Focus

  • Published
  • By Robert Buckingham

The growing importance of cyber operations within the U.S. Space Force is driving a required focus on space systems at the Special Access Program level, explained Mr. David Wilcox, Space Operations Command’s Cyber Warfare Mission Area team chief. “Recognition of this gap lead to the stand-up of a Branch specifically focused on this… and I was chosen as the lead.”

As the Cyber Warfare Branch chief, Wilcox is the subject matter expert supporting SpOC’s cyberspace secure-and-defend operations for USSF missions. “Specifically, I provide subject matter expertise for integration of secure-and-defend capabilities on Special Access Program, and lead efforts for providing cyber-enabled space operations capabilities for combat power projection.”

The importance and criticality of SpOC’s cyberspace secure-and-defend operations has only increased over time. Wilcox explains, “…I know the impact of my job for SpOC and the USSF is critical to allowing our service to become a leader in cyberspace operations in support of space operations.  Our team, just with SpOC, has led USSF efforts to drive Commanders and Senior Leaders to understand the impact cyberspace risks have on total mission risk as we present our capabilities and forces in support of Combatant Commands around the globe.”

Leading a team that delivers such consequential capabilities to the security of the nation provides Wilcox a satisfaction that comes from knowing what he does, day-in day-out, is crucial and far-reaching.

Wilcox’s tenure as a Department of Defense civilian employee started with the now deactivated Air Force Space Command, and after 13 years developed into his current role which came about with senior leaders’ realization of the importance of cyber operations as part of the newly formed USSF.

“I am very satisfied with the work I do in trying to achieve the end state for SpOC and the USSF,” said Wilcox. “With the stand-up of the USSF, I feel honored to be part of something that will last years into the future and ensure and maintain access to space resources and capabilities for our nation and our Allies.”

Wilcox, an integral part of SpOC’s Cyber Warfare mission, brings a focused approach to cyber capabilities supporting high-level, intricate space systems and operations for SpOC and the USSF.