55 CBCS Members Shine in Exercise JULY BIVOUAC, Showcasing XCOMM Equipment to 439 AES at Westover ARB, MA

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  • 960th Cyberspace Wing

Five members from the 55th Combat Communications Squadron (CBCS) participated in Exercise JULY BIVOUAC at Westover Air Reserve Base (ARB), Massachusetts on July 22, 2023. The team traveled from Robins Air Force Base (AFB), Georgia, aboard a C-130, bringing with them cutting-edge Expeditionary Communications (XCOMM) equipment, expertise, and comprehensive training to the 439th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron (AES).

The CBCS team arrived at Westover ARB with a clear mission: to showcase the capabilities of XCOMM equipment and provide valuable training to the 439 AES 1D7 Cyber Operations Airmen. Throughout the exercise, they conducted a series of live demonstrations and simulations, exhibiting the versatility and effectiveness of the equipment in diverse scenarios.

During the demonstrations, the CBCS team successfully established secure communication links in challenging environments, underscoring the XCOMM equipment's ability to ensure seamless and rapid information exchange during critical missions. The demonstrated capabilities were a viable solution to the 439 AES tactical communication limitations that could augment their capacity to provide timely and efficient medical evacuation support.

Apart from demonstrations, the 55 CBCS team engaged in hands-on training sessions with the 439 AES, focusing on equipment operation and troubleshooting. This training aimed to equip the AES personnel with the necessary skills to operate tactical communications equipment effectively, ensuring seamless communication during their critical aeromedical missions.

Exercise JULY BIVOUAC contributed to advancing the collective capabilities of both the 55 CBCS and the 439 AES, underscoring the importance of interoperability between different Air Force specialties and ultimately enhancing the United States Air Force's ability to respond effectively to any future challenges.