DOD celebrates National Veterans and Military Families Month

  • Published
  • By David Vergun
  • DOD News

The Defense Department recognizes that military families have important roles to play in supporting a strong and ready force.

"Our nation's service members do not serve alone. Alongside them are the dedicated members of their families, whose commitment and resolve strengthen our nation. Your support and resilience help strengthen our force," said C. Eddy Mentzer, acting director of military community support programs.

"The department recognizes that readiness depends on a strong and resilient home front, and we honor those who make it possible — our nation's nearly 3 million military family members," said Mentzer, whose spouse is an active-duty Air Force colonel.

Every military family is unique and could consist of not just immediate family members, but also partners, caregivers, extended family members and friends. "Each one of you is important."

Military life has its own unique challenges and rewards, and the department wants to ensure family members have support and access to resources they can use, said Mentzer. The entire suite of these resources is available on the Military OneSource website.

Military OneSource should be the first stop for any military family when facing adversity," said Mentzer. "Service members and their families can visit the website, call Military OneSource at 800-342-9647 to speak with a Military OneSource consultant, or start a live chat. Our team will listen to your needs and lead you to the resources you need.

"Military OneSource is not just for currently serving military families, but also for transitioning service members and their families. They have access to all Military OneSource has to offer up to 365 days post transition."

That website provides helpful information and guidance on topics, such as:

• Nurturing and growing friendships and relationships to help maintain important connections.
• Navigating parenting and caregiving.
• Planning for and working through different transitions in military life.
• Parenting, relationship support and child care help.
• Programs for youths.
• Spouse employment opportunities.
• Permanent change of station and deployment assistance.