‘Communication and Information’ career field changes name

  • Published
  • Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

On July 1, the “Communication and Information” career field changed its name to “Cyberspace and Information Technology.”

“The career field name is in sync with the on-going shift in mission and overall focus of the cyberspace career field including military (officer and enlisted) and civilians,” said
Lauren Knausenberger, Department of the Air Force chief information officer. “The career field is transforming to a cyberspace mission that’s enabled by information technology and all of its digital components.”

At this time, no occupational series will be added to or eliminated from the career field’s current exclusive or shared series and there is no occupational series impact to other career fields.

Additionally, the Cyberspace and Information Technology career field is working to implement and code cyber positions as defined by the Department of Defense Cyber Workforce Framework.

Some Department of the Air Force cyber positions also transitioned to the new Cyber Excepted Service structure to assist in tracking and retaining cyber talent in Department of Defense.

“It is an exciting time for the Cyberspace and Information Technology Career Field as we continue down the path of digital transformation where the cyberspace domain enables all we deliver for the warfighter,”
Knausenberger said. “This new name encompasses all we do and aids in the recruitment and retention of the cyber and IT talent we need to meet today’s missions.