Air Force Cryptologic Office establishes new information dominance initiative

  • Published
  • By Capt. Francis Castillo
  • Air Force Cryptologic Office

The Air Force Cryptologic Office recently established the first Converged Air Force Enterprise Mission (CAFEM) framework to harness total enterprise capacity and deliver information dominance now and for decades to come. 

As one of the new initiatives within the cryptologic component of the 16th Air Force (Air Forces Cyber), CAFEM is steering the enterprise away from the platform-centered intelligence analysis standard to a sensor agnostic and problem-centric architecture.  The concept is focused on modernizing the decades-old intelligence production framework and providing Combatant Commands, commanders, and intelligence partners with the necessary agility of analysis. 

CAFEM leverages the full potential within the cryptologic enterprise by connecting analysts working similar mission sets regardless of geographic location, unit of assignment, or Air Force component. The approach insulates missions against fluctuations in manning that might otherwise impede production. It provides a steady-state analytical and reporting capacity against identified missions.  At its core, CAFEM is an intuitive methodology designed to center cryptologic Airmen on real-time collaboration and information exchange.

The collaborative ecosystem CAFEM provides is a major benefit to analysts. Here, the most junior and most senior Airmen participate in the same virtual space analyzing problem-sets, which provides a common learning experience for all participants. Centralized participation in CAFEM production also creates a link to cultivate a reporting standard that exceeds current norms and better meets customer requirements. 

The initial design focused specifically on Air Force cryptologic missions and requirements; however, it is scalable to encompass the entirety of the Air Force intelligence community and even joint service or national intelligence production. As CAFEM becomes the standard for cryptologic analysis and production, it has the flexibility to evolve and grow to harness total capacity against any target-set.