AF to launch Airman Leadership Qualities-based feedback in myEval

  • Published
  • Air Force's Personnel Center

Airman Leadership Qualities-based feedback will replace the existing Airman Comprehensive Assessment for all ranks of Total Force Airmen beginning March 31. 

Supervisors and Airmen will no longer be able to accomplish ACA feedback via the AF Forms 931, 932, 724, or 724-A. All ACAs that are not completed and signed by March 30 will automatically convert to include ALQ feedback ratings in the myEval system, located within myFSS. 

ALQs represent the performance characteristics the Air Force wants to define, develop, incentivize, and measure in Airmen. They include job proficiency, initiative, adaptability, inclusion and teamwork, emotional intelligence, communication, stewardship, accountability, decision making, and innovation.

The next phase of the Air Force evaluation system transformation focuses on transitioning to competency-based standards for Air Force evaluations in late-2022/early-2023.

Supervisors must complete ALQ feedback with their Airmen to access enlisted evaluations closing September 30, 2022, or later, and officer evaluations closing October 31, 2022, or later. 

This change to performance evaluations only affects Airmen; the United States Space Force will continue using current feedback and evaluation program policies for Guardians.