What Will You Pay? Check TRICARE Cost Resource

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Have questions about health care, pharmacy, or dental costs? You should check out the TRICARE Costs and Fees 2022 Fact Sheet. This resource provides an overview of most of your costs and fees for TRICARE health plans, the TRICARE Pharmacy Program, and the TRICARE Dental Program.
“The TRICARE Costs and Fees 2022 Fact Sheet is one of the easiest ways to track down your TRICARE coverage costs,” said Robert Agnello, deputy chief of the Digital Communications, TRICARE Web and Publications at the Defense Health Agency. “Some rates change in a new calendar year, but some don’t, depending on your specific plan. We recommend you check the new rates so you know what to expect before you go get care this year.”
Here is a preview of the costs and fees you’ll find in this resource:
1. Health Care Costs
Most TRICARE beneficiaries fall into one of two groups: Group A or Group B. It’s important to know what group you’re in because each group pays different costs and fees. Whether you have TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Select, or you’re enrolled in a premium-based health plan (TRICARE Reserve Select, TRICARE Retired Reserve, TRICARE Young Adult, or Continued Health Care Benefit Program), the costs sheet breaks down costs that may apply to you, like annual enrollment fee, annual deductible, or premium. You can even find what your out-of-pocket costs are for covered services, including:

  • Preventive care visit
  • Primary care outpatient visit
  • Specialty care outpatient visit
  • Urgent care center visit
  • Emergency room visit
  • Inpatient admission (hospitalization)

Do you know what your catastrophic cap is? This is the most you or your family may pay out of pocket for covered TRICARE health care services each year. You can refer to the costs sheet for all this information.
2. Pharmacy Costs
TRICARE groups prescription drugs into four categories: generic, brand-name, non-formulary, and non-covered drugs. And your costs may vary depending on your drug’s category. But you don’t have to guess what your costs are. The pharmacy cost section lists the costs for each drug category based on which type of pharmacy is used:

  • Military pharmacy
  • TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery
  • TRICARE retail network pharmacy
  • Non-network pharmacy
  • Overseas pharmacy

3. Dental Costs
If you’re enrolled in the TRICARE Dental Program (TDP), this fact sheet provides a quick overview of your TDP rates. See the voluntary dental programs section for current TDP monthly premiums based on your sponsor’s military status (active duty, Selected Reserve, or Individual Ready Reserve) and type of enrollment (single or family plan). The type of dental service you get and the sponsor’s pay grade affect your cost-share. The other table outlines out-of-pocket costs for certain dental services, as well as what the TDP maximums are.
Want more cost resources? Find detailed costs and fees, including those for TRICARE For Life, using the TRICARE Compare Cost tool. If you want to better understand what certain costs mean, the Cost Terms page is another helpful resource.
Download the TRICARE Costs and Fees 2022 Fact Sheet from the TRICARE Publications page, along with other benefit resources. And share your thoughts on how we can improve TRICARE resources by taking the Publications Feedback Survey.