Military One Source promotes available resources

  • Published
  • By Tech Sgt. Courtney Dotson-Essett
  • 434th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs

Navigating the world of being a member of the military can be complex. There are acronyms to decipher, trainings to comply with and missions to complete.

Then there’s the civilian side: families, bills and finding time for recreation. “Adulting” can be hard but fortunately, military members and their families have the benefit of Military OneSource to aide them in working through life’s curveballs.

Most Airmen have heard of Military OneSource or perhaps have used the services at some point in their careers.  For those who are unfamiliar or maybe have forgotten, here’s a little refresher. It’s an ultimate support system, providing information, resources and tools to help military members.

Kimberly Goodin, Indiana’s Military OneSource state consultant, attended Grissom’s November unit training assembly to remind and educate Grissom members of the resources the program offers.  

“My role is talk to all of the service members and command staff within the state, no matter the branch, to promote the program to make sure that all of our service members are aware of the programs and benefits that are available to them,” Goodin said.

“The program is available for all service members, no matter their duty status, as well as their dependents,” she added.

Some of the resources include referrals for counseling services, military life cycle tools, recreational activities and discounts.

“Everything is free and confidential with the counseling,” Goodin said. “However, there is a duty to warn situation that must be reported for the safety of our service members as well as their dependents.”

Members have access to 12 free counseling sessions per life event through the program.

The website also hosts written content on everything from recognizing the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Disorders to relationships and wellness.

Remember elementary school math? In some schools, it’s being taught differently now. The parent who may have had to ask Alexa for help with their fifth grader’s common core math homework, can instead find free tutoring resources via OneSource.

With tax season around the corner, Goodin is reminding members that they don’t have to pay to have their taxes prepared. Military OneSource MilTax has free budgeting information and tax services, including personalized support from tax consultants.

“If you’re someone who pays to have your taxes prepared, you don’t have to do that,” Goodin said. It’s totally free through Military OneSource.”

Military OneSource is also available for transitioning service members and their families, up to 365 days after transition.

“A lot of our service members didn’t know or don’t know what’s available, especially through the Military OneSource,” Goodin said. “When Covid hit, everything went virtual so the challenge for us was talking to units virtually.”

She added, “What’s so good about Military OneSource is members can seek the help at their convenience, in a way that works for them.”

Service members and dependents can visit or call 1-800-342-9647 for more information.