• Ascending to spiritually mature leadership

    Imagine for a moment a four-tiered fountain. The bottom basin is broad, but shallow, and each next higher level of the fountain gets progressively narrower, but deeper, until the narrowest and deepest tier at the top of the fountain. Representing stages of spiritual maturity, each next tier up the

  • Resiliency matters

    Remember, everything is not about you! It’s about the Airmen and families around you more than you think … and they’re watching and feeding off of you. The reason I laced my boots this morning was because I know I have a family and a body of Airmen depending on me to be there for them today; they

  • Stay home - Empower lives

    “Stay home. Save lives.”These words blinked on the overhead traffic sign as I sped down what was usually a jammed highway. The eerie emptiness outside reminded me of one of those apocalyptic Hollywood movie scenes – You know, the one where the protagonist is desperately searching through the heart