Combined Federal Campaign helps make wishes come true

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Jeffery White
  • 310th Space Wing Public Affairs

It’s that time of year again when we all start hearing about the Combined Federal Campaign and thinking about if or how we want to support these awesome charities. Many times we look at the list and only see the names on a page but there are people here in this wing who have been affected by many of these organizations. I am one of them. 

You see, my daughter Michaela has a cardiovascular autoimmune disease that causes arterial inflammation and strokes, she has had four full strokes and over 40 mini strokes. All of this started happening in 2012 right before I left for basic training with a phone call from her teacher saying the Michaela wasn’t acting right and paying attention in class like she usually did. After a week in the hospital with more tests and scans than I can count, they found a clot fully blocking her right carotid artery. Three weeks after she got out of the hospital I left for BMT and two weeks after that she had her first mini stroke. This was the way things continued for the next year as I finished tech school and came back for Mission Qualification Training at the 4th Space Warning Squadron.

In late 2013, Michaela’s neurologist contacted Make-A-Wish Colorado and submitted her name to receive a wish. At 7 years old her, wish was to ride the magic carpet with Princess Jasmine.  We went on the trip in 2014 and it was the first time in two years that we didn’t have to think about medical visits, finances, and insurance. For one week we got to just be a family and enjoy each other while all of our needs were taken care of. After a brain surgery and monthly infusions during the last three years Michaela is doing great and a perfectly normal high school freshman.  Her doctor said to us a few months ago that she has been promoted to his “most boring patient,” but if you had asked him in 2015 he didn’t think that she would have made it to high school. 

My wife and I donate through the CFC to Make-A-Wish Colorado every month in addition to attending events to raise awareness because of the impact they had on our family during that extremely difficult time. If you feel that you want to donate this year, look at the list and don’t just read the organizations names but imagine the faces of the people whose lives are being touched through them. I also want to invite any of you who have been impacted by a CFC organization to reach out to me and share your story with the rest of our 310th Family and let’s make this a year of being the change.