The weapon system making Air and Space superiority happen

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Karen F. Beirne-Flint
  • OSI Command Chief

The Department of the Air Force plays a key role in ensuring national security of the United States and our allies. Air and Space superiority is foundational to Joint and Coalition success, and the Office of Special Investigations is vital to bolstering this foundation and defeating our adversaries. Over the last year, OSI has made monumental changes in our organization focus, structure, manpower allocations and culture. All of this is imperative to furthering the OSI We Need, and highlights why it is more crucial than ever that we take care of the weapon system that makes it all happen. 

For the last seven years, Air Force Chief of Staff #21, Gen. David Goldfein, referred to OSI as his “300.” This reference, to the valiant stand of a small number of Spartans at Thermopylae against a far superior Persian force, gets to the heart of what is asked of our Command every day. Just as with the 300 Spartans, what makes OSI so lethal is not our equipment or our weapons. Instead, it is our commitment to each other, and to the strength of the team. To further build our strength, in August of 2019, OSI Commander, Brig. Gen. Terry Bullard initiated Operation Develop Our 300 (DO300). This program represents our ethos and our individual commitment to invest in each other.  Over the last year, you’ve demonstrated the power of this commitment under unique societal challenges. 

We know our mission exacts a personal toll on our resiliency. Creating a safe environment is critical to protecting each other; it is our shield. Over the last several months, the Command has embraced DO300 and showed us what this looks like in action. Not just once a month, but every day, you’ve demonstrated teamwork, capitalized on individual strengths and abilities and respected differences. You found ways to connect with each other during the COVID-19 lock down, took care of family members for our deployed Airmen, motivated us to keep physically fit and brought us into your home through technology. As an OSI Family, we are having tough conversations on issues that matter to our Air Force and to our communities.  

In addition to the DO300, we have also worked to grow our Employee Assistance Program and to bring in our first Command Chaplain. We included the Air Force True North program, giving us three additional psychologists and three chaplains who will be placed out in the Command to help build our mental, emotional and spiritual resiliency and educate support services on the OSI mission. We are changing the way we take care of ourselves, and slowly eliminating the stigma of seeking mental and emotional support.

Adversity will always be a part of the job, and our adversaries expect it to break us down.  DO300 and our support programs – our shield against our enemies’ best efforts – enable the OSI Family to remain resilient and strong.

“In the end, a Spartan’s true strength is the warrior next to him. So give respect and honor to him, and it will be returned to you.” King Leonidas