JBSA conducts Antiterrorism/FPCON exercise July 20-27

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  • 502nd Air Base Wing Public Affairs

The 502nd Air Base Wing will conduct a JBSA-wide Antiterrorism/Force Protection Condition, or AT/FPCON, exercise July 20-27 during duty hours, but not including the weekend.

The primary objectives of the exercise are to evaluate and assess Team JBSA’s Disaster Response Forces ability to respond to acts of terrorism and the ability of JBSA to transition to higher FPCONs. 
Throughout the exercise, you will see EXERCISE messages informing you of on- and off-base events or directives that you may be required to follow in order to meet exercise objectives that ultimately maintain the safety and security of JBSA personnel. Please be prepared for the following to occur until the end of the exercise: 

  • Gate traffic delays or rerouting to other entry-control points if a gate is closed 
  • 100% ID checks 
  • Emergency-response vehicles moving around the base 
  • Travel congestion 
  • Temporary blockage of some roads 
  • Increased security measures, “Giant Voice” and AtHoc messaging 
  • Use of telephone and electronic-notification methods 

All JBSA personnel are reminded that vigilance is key to preventing criminal or terrorist activities at JBSA.  All suspicious activity should be immediately reported to the military police/investigative authorities through the below channels: